On March 29, 2022, Common Sense Institute hosted Eggs & the Economy. Eggs & the Economy is a quarterly symposium featuring guest speakers on a variety of public policy issues. At each event, CSI highlights the most pressing issues Colorado is currently facing. This is an opportunity for CSI to share current research, as well as hear from dignitaries and the experts working on them. The purpose of this event is to inform lawmakers and Coloradans so that they can make informed decisions with fact-based research.

At this quarter’s event, we dove into the crime wave hitting Colorado and featured a panel of experts to discuss its many aspects. This podcast captured audio from the panel conversation, and features remarks from President & CEO of CSI Kristin Strohm, and the following attendees:

George Brauchler, Criminal Justice Fellow

Mitch Morrissey, Criminal Justice Fellow

Dave Hayes, Chief of Police, City of Louisville

Jon Haubert, Publisher, ColoradoBiz Magazine (Moderator)

Thanks to our generous event sponsor: Amazon

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