The Accumulated Costs of Denver Migrants

The Accumulated Costs of Denver Migrants

Denver and its institutions have already spent between $78 million and $100 million on the migrant situation, according to CSI’s most recent dive into the published numbers.

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Denver Public Schools will need to spend between $26 million and $48 million in instruction and support costs for its migrant students.

Read CSI`s new report on total spending below.: https://bit.ly/3wzFwqP

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-Tamra Ryan, CSI Fellow & CEO of Women`s Bean Project


Have you noticed an influx of migrants in Denver?

This week on #60SecondsofCommonSense, CSI Director of Policy & Research, DJ Summers, addresses the #migrantinflux and the costs associated with the issue.

Learn more about the cost of migrants: bit.ly/3wzFwqP

DJ Summers on #propertytaxes in #colorado. This is slated in 2024 to be one of the, if not the biggest increase in #propertytaxes in #colorado & therefore Mesa County history @krex5_fox4

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