The Common Sense Institute provides incredibly valuable analysis and information that the South Metro Denver Chamber and our members can utilize when developing positions on important issues. Their unbiased approach and presentations are easy to understand and communicate to our members. The South Metro Denver Chamber appreciates our partnership with the Common Sense Institute and their ability to provide practical and useful information pertaining to difficult challenges and issues in the business community. They provide a service that no one else does and I see their relevance only increasing going forward.

Bob Golden

Former President & CEO, South Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

The research CSI delivered on Amendment 73 made a difference to Coloradans. Their thoughtful, factual analysis was devoid of political rhetoric and helped voters realize the enormous impact Amendment 73 would have had on the Colorado economy and individual pocket books.

Cheri Jahn

Former Colorado State Senator

As one of the most notable bills of the legislative session, many pundits predicted SB 19-188 would most likely pass. However, thanks to the common sense findings of the CSI study, lawmakers are taking another look, evaluating the financial assumptions and considering impacts on Colorado working families and the overall business climate.

Jenifer Waller

COO and Senior Vice President, Colorado Bankers Association

As the mayor of one of the fastest-growing cities on the front range, the need for quality research is mission-critical to our decision-making process. The Common Sense Institute is consistently my go-to source for reliable, in-depth data that drills down to the local level. Their non-partisan approach to tackling tough issues is a breath of fresh air in today’s political climate.

Benjamin Huseman

Mayor, Commerce City

Without the factual analysis provided by the Common Sense Institute, Coloradans would be faced with supporting an insolvent state-run program. Thanks in part to CSI’s research, elected officials and policymakers paused the debate on SB 19-188 and stopped the passage of a family medical leave program that would have stifled business and placed an enormous burden on our state budget. The study issued by CSI changed the conversation and proved to be a catalyst for a more thoughtful examination of the fiscal issues posed by this legislation. CSI fills a void with much-needed facts and data that is not found in partisan politics. In other words, when CSI weighs in with research, people listen.

Loren Furman

Senior Vice President State and Federal Relations, Colorado Chamber of Commerce

CSI has made important contributions to the debate on a number of issues this legislative session. From energy issues to family leave, their research and quantitative analysis has given lawmakers the information to drive policy that makes fiscal sense for Colorado.

Rob Woodward

State Senator, District 15

As a longtime business owner and former state legislator, I know that having accurate information and data when making decisions or writing legislation is critical. That’s why I support the work that Common Sense Institute does. Their unbiased, data driven research has impacted the way public policy is formed in Colorado for the better. I especially appreciate how they are able to take complex situations and make them easier to understand with interactive presentations and events that provide a forum for discussion. I look forward to watching the impact CSI has in the years to come.

Polly Lawrence

Former Colorado State Representative

The Common Sense Institute provides a great service to Coloradans by shining a light, through data and analysis, on important issues to our economy and our overall well-being as a state. Its utilization of the well-respected REMI economic modeling tool puts CSI’s research ahead of the pack. The analysis conducted during the Proposition 112 campaign, as well as during legislative conversations surrounding Senate Bill 181, was critical. Any time respected and thoughtful research can contribute to the conversation, it reduces politics and pushes outcomes toward more thoughtful policy-making decisions.

Dan Haley

President & CEO, Colorado Oil and Gas Association