George Brauchler, Criminal Justice Fellow

George Brauchler served as the elected District Attorney for the 18th Judicial District (JD), Colorado’s most populous district, which includes Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert, and Lincoln
counties, from 2013-2021.

Over his career, George has served as a Deputy District Attorney, Special Assistant U.S. Attorney, military prosecutor, criminal defense attorney, military defense attorney, and just prior to his
election, the Chief of Military Justice — the chief prosecutor—for Fort Carson, the 4th Infantry Division, and the U.S. Division North in Tikrit, Iraq.

As a state prosecutor, he handled the felony cases from the Columbine High School mass shooting case, the Aurora Theater (Batman) mass shooting case, and recently, the STEM Academy school
mass shooting case.

Colonel Brauchler serves as a military judge and legal advisor for NORAD-NORTHCOM in the Colorado National Guard.

He has served as an adjunct professor at the University of Colorado School of Law, University of Denver College of Law, the U.S. Army JAG School, and has trained state, military, and
international prosecutors across the United States and worldwide.

George has appeared in documentaries and news programs about various high profile crimes, as well as having provided commentary on CNN, Fox News, NBC, Court TV, every local television
station, and currently serves as a legal analyst for 9News KUSA (TEGNA) in Denver. George’s family lives in Parker, Colorado.


About the Owens-Early Fellowship
Named in honor of former Governor Bill Owens and Denver District Attorney Norm Early, the Fellowship will focus on an understanding the full economic and fiscal ramifications of policy choices in the areas of public safety and criminal justice.

Throughout his tenure in office, Governor Owens established a legacy of public safety and strived to make Colorado a safer place for our families and a less inviting place for predatory criminals. “The first priority of government is the safety of our citizens,” said Owens.

Likewise, DA Norm Early, Denver’s first Black district attorney was a champion for victim’s rights and largely credited as a pioneer for victims’ rights and a champion of safe streets for all people to thrive.

Fellows will develop original research and analysis to fulfill CSI’s mission of delivering facts and data to the policy challenges facing our state.  The Fellowship is a year-long commitment. CSI Fellowships represent a diversity of opinions from both sides of the political aisle, all parts of the state and unique points of view.

 “I am honored to have my father’s name associated with a fellowship that will continue to recognize his legacy and pursuit of justice and victims’ rights,” said Kendall Early, son of the former DA. “My father valued diversity (in all forms), including diversity of thought and empowering and supporting those most marginalized. We are proud to have the Early name attached to this prestigious academic endeavor, which is a collaboration dedicated to improving the lives of Colorado’s citizens.”