From affordable housing to an income tax reduction, this November Colorado voters will face 11 different questions on their 2022 statewide election ballot. City & County of Denver residents will face 3 unique questions on their 2022 election ballot. Unfortunately wading through the ballot language of these measures does not always provide clear choices. Political ads and campaign rhetoric make casting a vote even more daunting. The soon to be released 2022 Common Sense Institute Ballot Guide outlines the facts and provides an objective analysis of the economic impacts – without the spin. Based on economic models and comprehensive fiscal analysis, each issue is presented in a clear and concise manner that gives voters the information they need to make educated and informed decisions on each question.

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August 8th was the final day for citizen-initiated petition campaigns to submit the required 124,632 valid signatures to qualify for the November ballot. The 2022 Colorado ballot is more extensive than years past and is chalk full of questions for the voters that will impact the future of our state.

Statewide Ballot Measures

MeasureTitleCSI Research EffortsMore Information & Additional Resources
Proposition 121State Income Tax Rate ReductionRead CSI Report
Proposition 122Access to Natural Psychedelic Substances
Proposition 123Dedicate Revenue for Affordable Housing ProgramsRead CSI Report
Proposition 124Increase Allowable Liquor Store Locations
Proposition 125Allow Grocery and Convenience Stores to Sell Wine
Proposition 126Third-Party Delivery of Alcohol Beverages
Proposition FFHealthy School Meals for AllRead CSI Report
Proposition GGAdd Tax Information Table to Petitions and Ballots
Amendment DNew 23rd Judicial District Judges
Amendment EExtend Homestead Exemption to Gold Star Spouses
Amendment FChanges to Charitable Gaming Operations

City & County of Denver Ballot Measures

MeasureTitleCSI Research EffortsMore Information & Additional Resources
Initiated Ordinance 305No Eviction Without RepresentationRead CSI Report
No Numbers YetWaste No More
No Numbers YetDenver Deserves Sidewalks

Statewide Ballot Measures


State Income Tax Rate Reduction

To listen to the CSI podcast on this issue, click here.


Dedicate Revenue for Affordable Housing Programs


Healthy School Meals for All

City of Denver Ballot Measures


No Eviction Without Representation