Housing affordability is one of the hottest topics in Colorado, and is likely to remain so. On this November’s ballot Colorado voters will decide on the fate of Proposition 123, titled, “Dedicate Revenue for Affordable Housing.” To discuss this measure Host and Chairman Earl Wright welcomes CSI’s Vice President of Policy and Research Chris Brown, and CSI 2022 Housing Fellow to discuss what issue the measure hopes to solve, how it would be implemented, its potential limitations and much more.

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Peter F. LiFari is the 2022 Housing Fellow & 2021 Terry J. Stevinson Fellow and is the Executive Director of Maiker Housing Partners, a socially conscious public housing authority based in Adams County, Colorado. In his role as Executive Director, LiFari leads a passionate team committed to ending the cycle of generational poverty by providing individuals and families with access to affordable housing, support programs and by engaging in community development. LiFari is a compassionate visionary whose leadership style is grounded in treating individuals with empathy, warmth and grace.