The Colorado Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund was not built to handle the crushing demand of a global health emergency that impacted virtually every aspect of our daily lives. The program finds itself running a deep deficit, and fraudulent claims have overwhelmed the system. What to do about it?

Join Host and Chairman of Common Sense Institute Earl Wright as he welcomes J.J. Ament, Chief Executive Officer of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation and Chris Brown, Director of Policy and Research with Common Sense Institute, as they discuss the status of the trust fund, what’s led to its current situation, and diagnose what needs to happen to ensure its viability. Are potential tax increases on the way for businesses? What will the state do with money from the federal government? And what can you do about it to stay involved? All of this and more are covered in the latest episode of Common Sense Digest. Please be sure read our report on the issue here.

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