It has been a full year-and-a-half since the onset of the worst economic downturn in our state’s history, following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the pace of economic recovery has been much stronger than in prior recessions, there are many headwinds that indicate the recovery could be slowing. Lower levels of monthly job growth, increasing inflation risk, disruptions to global supply chains and labor shortages nearly everywhere you look, are all contributing to an uncertain future and timing of full-recovery.

On this edition of Common Sense Digest, joining Host and Chairman Earl Wright are Patty Silverstein, Chief Economist at Development Research Partners and Chris Brown, Vice President of Policy and Research with the Common Sense Institute. Patty dives into her extensive research on the topic and discusses the impact of federal relief money given to individuals, businesses, and governments on the recovery, which segments of the economy are most challenged (and which ones are thriving), and what’s ahead. The insights are plentiful, and if you’re interested in Colorado’s economic future, this podcast is one you cannot miss.

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Patricia Silverstein is the president and chief economist of Development Research Partners, a Jefferson County, Colorado-based real estate analysis and economic development research company founded in 1994. Ms. Silverstein’s expertise is in economic research and economic development, including industry cluster studies and strategic economic development planning. She has extensive experience in preparing economic and fiscal impact analysis for community development purposes. In addition, she serves as the consulting chief economist for the Metro Denver Economic Development Corp. and the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. In these roles, she compiles, interprets, and forecasts economic and demographic data for the Denver metropolitan area and performs in-depth research on issues and proposed developments impacting the region. Patty provides numerous presentations on state and local economic conditions to business and professional organizations throughout the year.