Following Part 1 of this series, we re-join Host and Chairman Earl Wright, CEO of the Colorado Association of Homebuilders and CEO of the HBA of Metro Denver, Ted Leighty, Founder of Confluence Companies Tim Walsh, and CSI 2022 Mike A. Leprino Fellow and report author Evelyn Lim. They continue their conversation about the state of the Colorado housing market, the goals of recently passed energy code legislation, the increased costs those new codes will result in for builders (and ultimately homebuyers and employers), and what challenges exist in implementing them.

Our recent report The Uncertain Future Cost of Colorado’s Energy Infrastructure and Housing Affordability, foregrounds this discussion as our experts dig into the cost of implementing recently passed legislation that requires the adoption of a new energy code for buildings as well as what electrification of the built environment could cost Coloradans.

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In addition to being the CSI 2022 Mike A. Leprino Fellow, Evelyn Lim is the Former Region 8 Director at the US Housing and Urban Development and is now the Director of Policy and Research at the American Cornerstone Institute.

Since 2017 Ted Leighty has been the CEO of the Colorado Association of Home Builders and CEO of the HBA of Metro Denver since 2020. Ted has extensive experience in Colorado real estate, having served as Vice President of Government Affairs for the Colorado Association of Realtors.  He has also chaired the Colorado Real Estate Alliance and the Colorado Competitive Council.

Tim Walsh is the founder of Confluence Companies which plans, designs, develops, and provides construction management services here in Colorado. Since its founding, Confluence has managed the development and construction of over $750 million in projects including 2,000 multi-family residential units.