Colorado boasts a wide array of natural beauty and tourist attractions which attracts millions of visitors to the state every year. Pristine nature, world-class skiing, and captivating sports teams all contribute to the robust inflow of tourists that Colorado welcomes. The revenue generated by the state’s diverse attractions supports a substantial share of Colorado’s economy and plays an indispensable role in sustaining its economic prosperity and highlighting its invaluable ecological and societal assets. Because each depends upon the others to contribute to Colorado’s high quality of life, the sports, recreation, and tourism sectors are interconnected—to account for the impact of tourism, the impacts of recreation and sports must also be included.

On this episode of Common Sense Digest, Guest Host and CSI Executive Director Kelly Caufield welcomes Kyle Dyer, former news anchor and Head Honcho at Kyle Dyer Storytelling Richard Scharf, President & CEO of Metro Denver Convention & Visitors Bureau to discuss everything from skiing to Taylor Swift to Denver being the smallest metro area to have all 5 major sports teams. They discuss the importance of recruiting teams, conventions, visitors, and showing off what makes Denver the special place that it is. Oh, and the economic impact that comes with it! Our full study can be found here.

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