The Colorado legislative session wraps up imminently. The budget for 2023-2024 has passed, which outlines state spending totaling $41.1 billion. It’s a number larger than the GDP of Libya, Bolivia, Uganda, Iceland and dozens of other countries. $41.1 billion also represents a 4.2% increase over last year and the largest budget in Colorado history. As the legislature works fast and furiously to finish out the session, much debate remains on top issues pressing to Coloradans, including housing, crime, workforce, to just name a few.

Host and Chairman Earl Wright welcomes Owner and Principal Lobbyist at Sanchez Policy Works, Jordan Sanchez, and CSI’s Director of Legislative Services, Jake Zambrano to recap this year’s legislative session, discuss emergent themes, unpack fiscal policy, and delve into the key issues faced. What should Coloradans focus most pressingly on? What issues remain? And fiscal cliffs has the body faced as they seek to move Colorado forward? All of these questions and more will be answered in the latest edition of Common Sense Digest.

Colorado State Capitol Building in Denver

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Jordan Sanchez is the Owner and Principal Lobbyist at Sanchez Policy Works which specializes in fiscal policy lobbying. Services include tracking, monitoring, and active advocacy throughout the annual budget process as it unfolds within the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of Colorado. Additionally, Sanchez Policy Works monitors and advocates on policy implementation.

Jake Zambrano is Director of Legislative Services for Common Sense Institute. Jake has specialized in state government relations, public affairs, grassroots advocacy, and political campaign management for over 20 years. He has represented a number of clients at the Colorado General Assembly including Colorado Mesa University, Medtronic, Boehringer – Ingelheim, Extraction Oil and Gas, and Teladoc to name a few.