In 2019 the Colorado state legislature passed a new law establishing significant greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. Those targets include a statewide reduction in greenhouse gas emission of 50% from the 2005 baseline by 2030, and an 80% reduction from the 2005 baseline by 2050. The 2019 bill, known as HB-1261 ‘The Climate Action Plan to Reduce Pollution’ and many other related bills that have passed since then, have authorized new forms of regulation with the intent of meeting the state’s new greenhouse gas emission reduction goals.

On this edition of Common Sense Digest, Chairman and Host Earl Wright is joined by two important guests to talk about just one of these new regulations currently making its way through the rulemaking process. The ‘Employee Trip Reduction Program’ or ETRP, would regulate your commute to work in an attempt to take single-occupancy vehicles off the road.

Sandra Solin is the Founder and Head of Capitol Solutions and has been at the center of major public policy debates in Colorado for several decades. Sandra represents the Business Alliance for Economic Regulatory Sensibility, a party to the ETRP rulemaking. Sandra, welcome back to the podcast. Also joining us is Tom Brook. Tom is the President and CEO of Denver South, an economic development organization focused along the I-25 corridor south of Denver. His organization is also a party to the ETRP rulemaking process.

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