There is no shortage of public policy to pass through in Colorado in 2024. Legislators are trying to address a state in the throes of a housing affordability crisis, an infrastructure crunch, a crime wave, a post-inflation economic climate, a surge in migrants from the southern border, a statewide homelessness crisis, and a mental health crisis, on top of the usual array of issues from healthcare costs to energy reform to environment. Lawmakers have put forward over 600 bills in the 2024 General Assembly session to try to catch it all.

Joining Host and Chairman Earl Wright is CSI’s Director of Legislative Services Jake Zambrano. Together they discuss proposed legislation about oil and gas development, property taxes, education, crime and the general mood and timbre of this year’s legislative session. With less than a month to go, this is the episode you need to recap what has already transpired and equip you for what remains.

Colorado State Capitol Building in Denver

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Jake Zambrano is Director of Legislative Services for Common Sense Institute. Jake has specialized in state government relations, public affairs, grassroots advocacy, and political campaign management for over 20 years. He has represented a number of clients at the Colorado General Assembly including Colorado Mesa University, Medtronic, Boehringer – Ingelheim, Extraction Oil and Gas, and Teladoc to name a few.