Is Colorado's Budget Ready for a Recession?As COVID-19, along with its attendant health and economic consequences, continues to dominate our collective consciousness, this episode of Common Sense Digest shares the latest facts and figures concerning the continuing economic impact of COVID-19.

Joining us is the University of Colorado Regent Heidi Ganahl, an entrepreneur, small business owner and a member of the CSPR Board of Directors to discuss all things education and the path to economic recovery. She discusses the impact on the University of Colorado system and shares the work of Job Creators Network in assisting businesses through the crisis.

Also on the show is Dan Norberg, the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Region VIII Administrator based in Denver. In this role, he oversees the delivery of the agency’s small business programs and services in South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and Montana. He discusses the staggering number of loans the SBA processed as part of its Paycheck Protection Program and what’s next.

Lastly, we’ll hear from CSPR Director of Policy and Research Chris Brown on CSPR’s latest report: Is Colorado’s Budget Ready for a Recession? Colorado’s Revenue Outlook Has Rapidly Changed from Record Highs to a Potential $3 Billion Shortfall