With Colorado poised to issue another round of restrictions for businesses due to spikes in positive COVID-19 cases, CSI invites two people whose roles find them impacted directly by the shutdowns.

Ginger Graham is the former President and Chief Executive Officer of Amylin Pharmaceuticals, a biotech company focused on fighting diabetes and obesity. During her tenure at the company, they were listed on the Nasdaq 100 and were rated as one of the Top 10 places in the industry for scientists to work. In addition, Ginger taught classes in entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School and has written for Harvard Business Review. Today she serves on several public and private company board of directors and she consults to first-time CEOs in the areas of leadership, strategy, board-effectiveness, and organization-building. Recently she launched Ginger and Baker, a café, restaurant, market, and so much more, in Fort Collins, CO.

Lora Thomas is a Douglas County Commissioner. Lora spent 26 years serving with the Colorado State Patrol, where she was the first woman captain and major. In addition, Lora was an entrepreneur who managed the rental of up to three single family homes for over 20 years while working for the state patrol. As a current Douglas County Commissioner, she has brought dynamic, effective leadership to Douglas County.

They share firsthand their experiences of dealing with mandatory restrictions and policies designed to limit the spread of COVID-19, as well as offer solutions for how to protect public safety while also ensuring our community’s small businesses survive and prosper.

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