Laura Leprino, Western Titan Fund

Laura Leprino has a diverse background spanning banking, general contracting and real estate, and political consulting. She most recently was with the Starboard Group heading up the Client Services Division. Laura worked in banking and business development for over 30 years in Colorado. She served as vice president of marketing at First National Bank, where she led efforts to improve its reputation and brand awareness. Laura was also a principal with a leading Colorado-based general contracting firm. In the political world, Laura served as director of special events for former Congressman Bob Beauprez in both his 2004 congressional campaign, his 2006 and 2014 gubernatorial campaigns. In this position, her primary responsibilities were fundraising, major event planning and cultivating donor and volunteer relations. Laura also served in Congressman Beauprez’s congressional office as the special events coordinator, where she organized events for the Congressman’s policy advisory committees and constituent focus groups. 

Laura is a leader in her community and throughout her career worked for several Colorado charitable organizations including serving as a board member for the Red Rocks Community College Foundation Board. 

When not working hard to make her Colorado a better place, through community and political activism, Laura enjoys spending time with her husband George Feeney and their family. 

“Creating and supporting opportunities that allow individuals and families to achieve the American Dream is vital. When one of us succeeds, we all succeed.” – CSI Board Member Laura Leprino