DJ Summers, Director of Policy & Research

DJ Summers

DJ Summers is Common Sense Institute’s Director of Policy and Research. He oversees the stages of CSI’s fellows and research staff, coordinates with partners, iterates and analyzes projects, and breaks down findings for the public, legislators, and commercial leaders. 

Prior to CSI, DJ attended the University of Utah and Syracuse University. He worked as a journalist, investigator, and political researcher across the U.S. from Washington, D.C. to Alaska. DJ has a drive to understand complex truths and make them clear and accessible to the public and its leaders alike.

DJ lives in Denver and is a classically trained pianist. He devotes his spare time to practicing and studying music. When not at the piano bench, he has a regimen of strength training, combat sports, and enjoying good Colorado beer.

Email DJ Summers: dj@csinstituteco.org