Evelyn Lim, Mike A. Leprino Fellow & Terry J. Stevinson Fellow

Evelyn LimEvelyn is an accomplished senior executive, advocate, and policymaker with experience in developing and executing strategy, policy, and programs and managing large and enterprise organizations across the private sector and federal government.  She has worked at the highest levels of government at the White House and the Departments of Homeland Security and Housing and Urban Development on a variety of high-profile policy initiatives in both the Bush and Trump Administrations.  She also was the CEO of a single-family office with expertise in creating charitable giving strategies to effect long-term philanthropic goals paired with effective tax vehicles for personal and foundation giving. She has extensive experience with non-profits, start-ups, fundraising, and organizational governance and management.

Evelyn is also a Director at the American Cornerstone Institute, the non-profit founded by Dr. Ben Carson.



About the Terry J. Stevinson Fellowship

This fellowship was established in honor of Terry J. Stevinson, a founding board member of Common Sense Institute (CSI). Thanks to Mr. Stevinson’s continuing dedication to free enterprise these fellowships have been named in his honor.

The Terry J. Stevinson Fellowship is designed to spur thoughtful policy discussions and potential solutions regarding the many policy and economic challenges brought about by population growth in Colorado. Through a multi-year effort, CSI will work with different fellows on an annual basis to dive into one particular area concerning growth including policy topics such as transportation, water, affordable housing, etc.

Learn more about the Terry. J. Stevinson Fellowship here.

About the Mike A. Leprino Fellowship

The Mike A. Leprino Free Enterprise Fellowship was established by Laura Leprino and Matthew Leprino in honor of the late Mike A. Leprino, who was a pillar in the Denver community. The son of Italian immigrants, he was a banker, developer and community servant. Some of the greatest treasures and neighborhoods in our state were built and funded by Mike. He gave back relentlessly to his state and country, something that he also instilled in each of his children. No greater defender of free enterprise and the American dream, Mike is someone who from humble beginnings built an enviable legacy in Colorado. Thanks to Mike A. Leprino’s legacy, we can all take a lesson in hard work, the entrepreneurial spirit, and the power of free enterprise. The Mike A. Leprino Fellowship will focus on issues reflected in the values and accomplishments of this former pillar of the community.