The 2022 Colorado Legislative Session is underway where Democratic legislators retain a strong majority in both houses. As the majority party, they intend to embark on an extensive list of priorities which reflects the state of Colorado’s economy, social issues hotly contested, and the major successes and failures of last year.

Chairman and Host Earl L. Wright welcomes two guests to discuss a multitude of issues pertinent to this year’s session. Jake Zambrano is Common Sense Institute’s Director of Legislative Services and a very experienced observer of the Capitol, and Chris Brown is CSI’s Vice President of Policy & Research. Together, the three of them discuss how the state budget is set, what will likely happen with the one-time windfall of money from the federal government, and the priorities of legislators. They touch on everything from PERA to inflation to local control to the role of the free market and a lot more. It’s an illuminating conversation that will have you informed about the goings on with our elected officials.

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