Fellowship Background:

The Mike A. Leprino Free Enterprise Fellowship was established by Laura Leprino and Matthew Leprino in honor of the late Mike A. Leprino, who was a pillar in the Denver community. The son of Italian immigrants, he was a banker, developer and community servant. Some of the greatest treasures and neighborhoods in our state were built and funded by Mike. He gave back relentlessly to his state and country, something that he also instilled in each of his children. No greater defender of free enterprise and the American dream, Mike is someone who from humble beginnings built an enviable legacy in Colorado. Thanks to Mike A. Leprino’s legacy, we can all take a lesson in hard work, the entrepreneurial spirit, and the power of free enterprise. The Mike A. Leprino Fellowship will focus on issues reflected in the values and accomplishments of this former pillar of the community.

The 2023 Mike A. Leprino Fellowship will select one individual to examine free enterprise issues on an ongoing basis facing the state of Colorado. Issues researched could include, but are not limited to: education, housing, homelessness, budget and regulatory issues. In addition, the fellow will create an annual Free Enterprise Report, a transparency and accountability report on the fiscal health of Colorado. The report will serve as a comprehensive planning document that exists outside of the executive branch and legislative committees.

Fellow Must Have:

  • Bachelor’s degree, Graduate degree preferred.
  • 5+ years minimum experience in public policy.
  • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong ability to collaborate and work within a small team.
  • Experience public speaking and presenting.

This is a one-year, $30,000-$50,000 contract payable in intervals throughout the performance of the contract upon completion of predetermined deliverables. This position is an independent contractor position, NOT an employee position and is therefore NOT eligible for employment benefits (such as contribution to social security, Medicare, state, or federal income taxes, workers compensation, or any paid time off).

About Common Sense Institute (CSI):

CSI is a non-partisan organization dedicated to developing deep insights into critical policy issues facing Colorado.  We believe sound fiscal and economic research is essential to uphold Colorado’s economic vitality, future, and individual opportunity. We examine the economic impact of policies, initiatives, and proposed laws by employing dynamic modeling that accurately measures the impact of each measure on the Colorado economy and individual opportunity. To fully achieve our mission, we actively promote these solutions through the education of policy experts, lawmakers, community leaders, and the general public.

How to Apply:

If you think you might be a good fit, submit the following application materials in one PDF at the link below.

  • Your resume, including your experience in policy.
  • A cover letter explaining why you are qualified for this fellowship, why you believe in free enterprise, and what distinguishes you from others.
  • A writing sample.
  • A list of references.

Application deadline: January 30, 2022. NO CALLS PLEASE.

Apply here: https://commonsenseinstituteco.org/contact/careers/common-sense-institute-application/

For more information please visit: www.commonseneseinstituteco.org