Putting Students First: Strategies to ¬Mitigate the COVID SlideAs the current school year winds down and comes to a close across the state, our attention turns to what schools will look like in the Fall. Joining Chairman of the Board on this week’s episode of Common Sense Digest are CSPR Education Fellow Dr. Brenda Bausch Dickhoner and Luke Ragland, President of Ready Colorado.

The three discuss the challenging issues associated with remote learning, ensuring equality of access for all students in the face of variability by district, school, and family situation, and how the state’s budget shortfall will impact education in the coming school year. Our guests unpack the problems and offer possible solutions to the issues that will confront all Colorado students mere months from now.

You can find some background for this discussion in Brenda’s latest article: Putting Students First: Strategies to Mitigate the COVID Slide on the CSPR website.