A global pandemic and corresponding economic crisis have brought about a time of severe disruption. Business and our way of life have been transformed. While we are faced with unprecedented challenges, we have also been presented with unique opportunities to shape our future with purpose.

The Colorado Business Roundtable and Common Sense Institute have provided a forum to formulate and influence public policy through collaboration and research in response to the pandemic’s economic realities called The Colorado Road to Recovery Initiative.
On this edition of Common Sense Digest, Chairman and Host Earl Wright welcomes Debbie Brown, President and CEO of the Colorado Business Roundtable, Dave Davia the Executive Vice President & CEO at Rocky Mountain MCA, and Liz Peetz, the Vice President of Government Affairs at Colorado Association of REALTORS®. They discuss some of the recommendations of the Road to Recovery Initiative and provide their thoughts on the health of Colorado’s economy heading into 2021. 
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