Tisha Schuller, 2023 Terry J. Stevinson Fellow

Tisha SchullerTisha Schuller founded Adamantine Energy to provide thought leadership to energy companies to translate sustainability and decarbonization aspiration into action. Tisha advises private clients from Fortune 100 energy companies to non-profit environmental organizations in matters including ESG and decarbonization strategies, managing disruption, energy policy, environmental justice, and stakeholder engagement. She also serves as the Strategic Advisor for Stanford University’s Natural Gas Initiative. Previously, Tisha served as president and CEO of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association and as principal and vice president of Tetra Tech, a national environmental consulting and engineering firm.  She has a B.S. from Stanford University.

Tisha serves on many academic and non-profit boards including those of the Breakthrough Institute, the Energy for Growth Hub, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science Institute for Science & Policy Strategic Council, the University of Wisconsin Madison Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, and the Payne Institute for Public Policy at the Colorado School of Mines, and she is a member of the National Petroleum Council, an advisory board to the U.S. secretary of energy under the Obama, Trump, and Biden administrations.  Tisha’s book, Accidentally Adamant was published in 2018, The Gamechanger’s Playbook: How Oil & Gas Leaders Thrive in an Era of Continuous Disruption was published in 2020, and her latest book, Real Decarbonization: How Oil & Gas Companies Are Seizing the Low-Carbon Futurewas released in November of 2022.  Tisha authors a weekly series entitled Both of These Things Are True and hosts the Real Decarbonization podcast.


About the Terry J. Stevinson Fellowship
This fellowship was established in honor of Terry J. Stevinson, a founding board member of Common Sense Institute (CSI). Thanks to Mr. Stevinson’s continuing dedication to free enterprise these fellowships have been named in his honor.  

The Terry J. Stevinson Fellowship is designed to spur thoughtful policy discussions and potential solutions regarding the many policy and economic challenges brought about by population growth in Colorado. Through a multi-year effort, CSI has worked with fellows for the last several years to research and propose solutions for major issues impacted by growth. Three reports were published:  

2023 Fellowship  
CSI is excited to announce the Terry J. Stevinson fellowship in 2023 will be focused on the future of energy in Colorado. Energy is the driving force behind our economy and personal well-being and is very often the center of public debate. The 2023 Terry J. Stevinson Fellows are charged with co-developing a report that envisions a better future for energy consumption and production in Colorado. They will evaluate the current market and policy landscape surrounding energy in the state and offer key recommendations that can pave the way to a future state that enhances energy reliability, affordability and environmental sustainability.  Though there are many existing policy mandates, with more pending, the fellows will be tasked with thinking beyond existing constraints and creating a policy environment that allows for adaptation and innovation to both better serve consumer needs, and mitigate externalities.