Initiative 295 – Voter Approval of New Fee Based EnterprisesWith the 2020 legislative session now behind us, we thought it prudent to take a look back and assess the impacts of what was passed. We’re joined by Don Childears, CEO Colorado Bankers Association and Common Sense Institute Board Member and Bernie Buescher, Former Colorado Secretary of State & Legislator. Bringing their remarkable depth of knowledge, the two unpack this year’s session with great depth, nuance, and thought.

One of the outcomes of the session saw legislators refer a measure to the 2020 ballot that would repeal the Gallagher Amendment, a Constitutional Amendment that sets a formula for the mix residential property taxes and commercial property taxes at 45% of the total, and 55%, respectively. The repeal, if approved by voters, is designed to prevent schools, local governments, and the state from taking large financial hits due to the recession caused by our current global pandemic. Mr. Childears and Mr. Buescher discuss the creation of Gallagher, its unintended consequences, and the impetus for its repeal.

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