Housing is a basic human need and with the affordability crisis we face, the future of many families and the competitiveness of our state are truly at stake.

On this edition of Common Sense Digest, we welcome Peter LiFari, Executive Director of Maiker Housing Partners, the Adams County Housing Authority, and Evelyn Lim, Former Region 8 Administrator at the US Housing and Urban Development, and current Director of Policy and Research at the American Cornerstone Institute to discuss housing affordability. Peter and Evelyn are this year’s Terry J. Stevinson Fellows and their report on housing affordability is the culmination of months of work and stakeholder conversations.

They join CSI Chairman and Host Earl Wright in a wide-ranging conversation about the causes of and solutions to the affordable housing crisis in Colorado. Earl asks probing, challenging questions of our guests, and Peter and Evelyn despite coming from differing ideological perspectives, offer concrete, implementable solutions that would benefit not only those priced out of Colorado’s skyrocketing housing market, but all Coloradans as well.

To read their report, please visit here. You may also learn more about the Terry J. Stevinson Fellowship here.

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