March 23, 2023

Contact: Cinamon Watson

CSI Announces Coors Fellowship for Economic Mobility

Tamra Ryan to serve as first Coors Fellow

Denver, CO – Today, Common Sense Institute (CSI) announced the Coors Fellowship for Economic Mobility.

“We are grateful for the generosity of the Adolph Coors Foundation and look forward to fulfilling the scope of this fellowship,” said Kristin Strohm, CSI President & CEO.

Named in honor of the Coors family, the fellowship will pay tribute to the vision, hard work, true grit, relentless determination and fearless innovation that were the hallmarks of the pioneering spirit that characterized the success of the men and women who founded Colorado as the place where opportunity abounds.

“Providing that same opportunity for individuals and families to prosper, grow and achieve their dream today, just as our founders did, is at the heart of the Coors Fellowship and the legacy of that family name,” continued Strohm.

According to Strohm, the fellowship will focus on issues that stifle greater economic independence of the individual and embrace tried-and-true economic principles of free enterprise centered around choice, access, and competition.

Tamra Ryan will serve as the first Coors Fellow and is expected to release her first study on the benefit cliff this Spring. Ryan is the CEO of Women’s Bean Project, a social enterprise providing transitional employment in its food manufacturing business to women attempting to break the cycle of chronic unemployment and poverty.


Common Sense Institute is a non-partisan research organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of Colorado’s economy. CSI is at the forefront of important discussions concerning the future of free enterprise in Colorado and aims to have an impact on the issues that matter most to Coloradans. CSI’s mission is to examine the fiscal impacts of policies, initiatives, and proposed laws so that Coloradans are educated and informed on issues impacting their lives.