June 19, 2018
Contact: Cinamon Watson

Denver, CO – Earl Wright, Chairman of the Common Sense Policy Roundtable (CSPR) Board of Directors, announced Byron Haselden as the newest member of CSPR Board.

“Byron is an experienced, successful businessman and a thoughtful industry leader. His perspective and experience will be a great addition to CSPR as we address issues impacting Colorado,” Wright said.

Byron began his career in construction as a laborer and has held positions in virtually every aspect of construction management, including the role of Vice President of Preconstruction. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer and President of Haselden Construction. He also serves as a member of the Board of Directors. In his role, he assesses the Company’s strategic direction and monitors the performance in its core competencies while also managing key current and potential owner relationships.

Byron is continuously exploring new ways to improve and enhance the services Haselden offers to its customers. The two-plus decades of construction management experience he brings to his leadership role provide a unique perspective and depth of experience that enable him to relate to clients and employees alike.

“Colorado is my home and I care deeply about the impact of the economic issues facing our state,” said Haselden. “CSPR has been a source of information and insight for some of the most important policies facing Colorado. I am thrilled to join the board of such an impactful organization.”

About Common Sense Policy Roundtable
Common Sense Policy Roundtable is a non-profit, free-enterprise think tank dedicated to the protection and promotion of Colorado’s economy. CSPR actively follows job and economic development legislation and free enterprise public policy initiatives.