Heidi Ganahl, SheFactor

Heidi GanahlHeidi has faced extraordinary adversity in her life. Beginning with the loss of her first husband at the age of 27, to losing a million-dollar insurance settlement, Heidi’s entrepreneurial spirit and extraordinary leadership skills helped her pick herself up and build a $100 million brand in the pet and franchise industry, Camp Bow Wow. She now devotes her time to keeping the American dream alive by empowering women through her brand the SheFactor, leading her social entrepreneurship incubator the Fight Back Foundation, leading a free speech initiative on college campuses, the Free to Be Coalition and sharing her stories through public speaking.

Heidi Ganahl
Founder, SheFactor
Regent, University of Colorado
Founder, Camp Bow Wow
President, Fight Back Foundation

Fight Back Foundation

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“I joined CSPR because as an entrepreneur, I want to preserve the business climate here in Colorado for future generations,” CSPR Board Member Heidi Ganahl, Regent, University of Colorado and President, Fight Back Foundation.