Dave Davia, President and CEO of Colorado Concern

Dave DaviaCalled “a person of action and someone who knows how to build an organization, raise money, take the tough meeting, and make the hard ask,” Dave Davia’s position as CEO and president of Colorado Concern is a fitting role given all that he’s accomplished not only professionally, but also as a charitable, civic, and governmental leader. Dave Davia is a tenacious agent of change.

For nearly 20 years, Davia has served the state of Colorado’s economic viability in a variety of private and public capacities. Most recently, he accepted the invitation to join Colorado Concern as its CEO, leading more than 140 CEOs in a collaborative effort to accelerate a positive, non-partisan business environment for Coloradoans. His sphere of influence includes advocating for practical business solutions and unifying community leaders against tough economic challenges with common-sense answers.

He’s worn the hats of CEO, board chair, member, founder, chief fundraiser, and city councilor, to name a few. An alumnus of Metropolitan State University, Denver, and a fifth-generation Denver native, Davia brings political savvy to the table that transcends party lines. Ultimately, he believes that a unified government and diverse voices foster the most meaningful change for all Coloradoans.

“Thoughtful economic policies that allow businesses to succeed, enhance the quality of life for all Coloradans.” – CSI Board Member Dave Davia, EVP and CEO of Rocky Mountain Mechanical Contractors Association